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Mary van Baal  zingt autobiografische nummers. Dus liedjes die met haar leven te maken hebben.

Zo heeft ze nu een liedje geschreven voor haar zoon die vanaf zijn geboorte in een rolstoel zit. Haar zoon is geboren met Spina Bifida ook bekend als open ruggetje. 

Doordat er nu corona is, is zijn wereld kleiner geworden. Zijn vrijwilligerswerk is komen te vervallen.

Hij ziet nu weinig familieleden, vrienden en bekende.

Zij had daarom besloten een nummer voor haar zoon te maken omdat ze hem zo bewonderd om zijn moed en doorzettingsvermogen een liedje speciaal voor hem.

Het liedje is gemaakt op de melodie van “If tomorrow never comes”

Ze heeft dit keer zelf de tekst gemaakt op deze melodie en een nieuwe orkestband laten maken bij Gert Ekkelboom, die tevens haar nieuwe producer is. Ze heeft ervoor gekozen onze zoon in de videoclip mee te laten spelen. Wij zijn erg trots op hem hoe hij in deze corona tijd zich een weg probeert te banen.

De videoclip is opgenomen in park Sonsbeek in Arnhem door Robert Vegt haar cameraman.

Haar steun en toeverlaat tijdens de clipopname.

Sinds kort heeft Zangeres Mary van Baal een nieuw team om haar heen staan.



Gert Ekkelboom Producer,  Robert Vegt Cameraman, Willem de Bie Plugger  en Ed van Baal haar manager. Samen gaan we er iets moois van maken.

Ray Big

Ray Big is geboren op 26 mei 1970 en woont in Gemeente Midden Delfland.


Hij is 3 jaar geleden begonnen met zingen en zijn eerste You Tube video was op 21 september 2017.


Ray Big zingt covers van Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Bing Crosby, Jim Reeves, Emmylou Harris, Micheal Bublé, Fats Domino, Danny Vera, Neil Diamond, The Everly Brothers, Freddy Fender, Ricky Nelson , René le Blanc, John West, René Froger, Ramses Shaffy, Wim Sonneveld, Paul de Leeuw, René Schuurmans en Alex.


Momenteel nog geen eigen liedjes, maar wellicht in de toekomst.


De manager/promoter Susan de Groot heeft de zanger 2.1/2 jaar geleden ontmoet tijdens een cursus en is sinds 13 februari 2020 enthousiast begonnen met het promoten van zijn ingezongen liederen.


Woensdag 19 augustus 2020 is de leukste herinnering toen hij het allereerste live radio optreden mocht verzorgen bij Rob Groen van radio de glazen stad.


Hij is niet te 'boeken', omdat het een onbetaalde hobby betreft wat hij met passie en plezier doet.  

Op woensdag 26 mei aanstaande zal hij zijn 51 ste verjaardag vieren bij Rob Groen in de live uitzending op Radio de glazen stad met een gezellig interview en natuurlijk gaat ie dsn ook live zingen 


 kunt nu luisteren en kijken naar Ray Big met een cover van Elvis Presley: Good luck charm

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Gigi D'Ambruoso



Luigi D'Ambruoso, born in 1982 in a Municipality of the Province of Bari, is a composer of dance music, better known in his field with the name of Gigi. From an early age he was immediately fascinated by the rhythmic impulses created by the bass line and the bass drum, so much so that, starting from the early 90s, he began to immerse himself in the world of dance sounds by studying and learning, like a self-taught, mixing techniques.


1997 is the year in which Gigi, based on a more solid experience, but at the same time more and more eager to expand, actually decides to launch into the world of music, starting to get noticed as a deejay in local private parties. After a few years, however, tired of the limited opportunities that his city offers him, he decides to make use of his now skilled skills as a deejay and sound engineer, working as a tourist entertainer at the facilities in Samarkand and Alpitour.


These years, from 2000 to 2008, offered him the opportunity to travel and make himself known around the world, as well as the opportunity to further enrich his wealth of experience in the musical field. In 2008, once back in his hometown, he tries to resume the musical tour he left a few years before but, unable to expand it as he would like, he decides to abandon the role of deejay to start embarking on what had always been his true passion.


Thus he begins to create his remixes and dance compositions, such as Inside of me (with the voice of his dear friend Marica Mancini), Massive, Tell Me, Be free, Experiment, Reminder of the season, She's gone, The light in space , Call the weekend. To date, with these songs, the artist Gigi D'Ambruoso is enjoying considerable success in the field of the digital music market, especially thanks to the collaboration with Tunecore and Zimbalam, the two best digital portals for the distribution of music.


Pending further news from the artist, for now the pinnacle of his success can be attributed to the hit song Inside of me - Ft. Molly, which was, for the last quarter of 2013, the first single in the charts of sale and streaming of the Zimbalam portal.

Thanks to the remarkable success of the song (Inside of me), GIGI D'AMBRUOSO himself in the year 2020 has created a second version with more modern and realistic sounds to the point of being able to make it even more powerful.


Inside of me will be present from 17/11/2020 on all digital stores

Passion and courage in music; another success, all from Conversano, this time comes from the field of music and features two of our fellow citizens: Gigi D'Ambruoso, composer of dance music since 2008, and Marica Mancini, who recently graduated in singing at the Nino Rota Conservatory in Monopoli. Two artists who, although different in culture and musical genre, combining their talents, have been able to find the right harmony and, together, are reaching important musical goals.

From the beginning their collaboration promised well, so much so that a few days ago they received the plaque for their first hit song "Inside of me - Ft. Molly", the result, for the last quarter of 2013, the first single in the sales and streaming rankings of the digital portal Zimbalam (


Strengthened by their success, and even more enthusiastic about their work together, they recently produced a second song, "Apollo 13", which, despite being released on the 16th of the current month, has already recorded numerous shows, which bodes well. in reaching another important milestone.

The collaboration cultivated over the years with various artists has led Luigi D'Ambruoso to open up to different musical genres, to create his own record label called Gd Records and therefore to grow a lot from a professional as well as a personal point of view.

Gd Records is an independent record company founded in July 2014, initially with the aim of sponsoring exclusively the creations of its owner Luigi D'Ambruoso, and subsequently expanded to give the possibility to other artists to publish and make their music known. whatever gender it belongs to.

It has in fact obtained considerable feedback, with authors of different genre categories, thanks to the exclusive initiative of releasing to its artists 100% of the royalties (copyright) obtained from the sale of their songs, a policy that no record company has ever implemented. until now.